Homemade Fender Holders

By Ralph D'Angelo

Sometimes you just don't have a cleat where you need one! Especially when your looking for a place to hang your fenders.


This is a simple, homemade fender holder project, that will allow you to use your rod holders to hang your fenders. The design allows you to quickly attach, or remove your fenders in seconds, with out having to tie them to a cleat.

The fender holders are made of PVC pipe available at any Home Depot, and you can build a set of four for UNDER $10! You will need the following:

  • 1" schedule 40 PVC pipe
  • 1" schedule 40 PVC slip cap
  • PVC glue a PVC pipe cutting tool or hacksaw
  • a drill

The hardest part is attaching the rope to the pipe. You want to do this BEFORE you glue the slip cap on!! Pull the rope through the hole you drilled, then pull it up through the top of the pipe. Tie your knot, stuff the knot back in the pipe and then glue your cap on.


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