Wax your Boat, the RIGHT way!

By Joe Paluseo

"Surfer Joe" shares his tips on waxing your boat and keep it looking in tip top shape.


Waxing a boat to many people is an activity that boaters often pay others to do for them, but when done with your own two hands, the results can be quite rewarding.  There is nothing like seeing yourself on the boat as if you were looking into a mirror.  These results are easy to obtain as long as you are using the correct products and the correct methods.

As we all know, there are many products out there to purchase, and many claim they will give a mirror like finish. I have used many of these products, but I would have to say, the best out there are the Maguiers Wax, Fleetwood Collinite Wax, and Woody Wax. Within these companies there are many different species.  I say that the Collinite #925 or the Maguiers (black bottle) are the best to start with and then you are going to go to the Woody Carnuba Wax to top it off.

NOW IT IS ONE THING TO PURCHASE THE WAX AND ANOTHER TO APPLY IT.  In the Fall, before storing your boat, you want to make sure you use a heavy soap to get a nice clean boat. In the spring again you want to repeat this and clean with a very heavy soap.  Many people like to use a compound to strip the old wax off, but I tend not to like compounds, as they can eat away at the gel coat. I have a navy blue boat so you can see swirl marks very easily.  If I had a white boat, I would probably be using a compound every spring.  So below I will list the steps one should take to obtain a mirror like hull on your boat.

  1. Fully wash boat and make sure boat is propped up, so you have no standing water inside/Dry completely.
  2. Make sure the boat is dried with a soft towel or squeegy
  3. Apply your Maguiers or Collinite Wax with a soft towel that will not leave lint on the hull.  Many people use buffers and they are great but I like to do it by hand. Remember, you have to run in small circles with applying, and never work more than a 3' or 4' area at a time.  
  4. When applying the wax, only put on the rag in a half dollar size applications.
  5. After wax is applied wait about 1-2 minutes and remove with a non-lint towel.
  6. Once the first layer is applied go over the entire boat with another clean towel to get any remaining wax off.
  7. Try not to get any wax on your bottom paint as it will stay there for some time.
  8. Apply 2 layers of base fiberglass wax
  9. After base layer has been applied you not want to use the Woody Carnuba wax as your top coat.  This product is very easy to apply and remove as it is liquid.
  10. You want to apply it the same way as the above waxes but you can work in larger areas.  This is the icing on the cake and really will give you boat a lot of pop. I usually do 2 layers of this too. In the end you will have 4 layers of wax.
  11. Colored hulls need to be waxed more frequently as the sun will oxidize the boat more quickly than a white hull.  I would say a good time to wax is April and then again in July.
  12. Boats should not be waxed in cold or rainy weather. Optimal conditions is above 50 degrees plus and in the sun.  
  13. The warmer the weather the less time to leave the wax on before removing and the colder the more time before you remove wax.

By Capt. Joe Paluso (AKA "Surfer Joe")

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