Fluid Film: Clean Your Boat!

By Ralph D'Angelo

Fluid Film cleans, lubricates and protects your marine metal and plastic components, at a fraction of the price!


Keeping the metal components on your boat clean and  protected from the harsh saltwater environment has always been a challenge. There are many products available for this purpose, and they typically come at a hefty price. Fluid Film is a penetrating lubricant/protectant that cleans, lubricates, and protects the metal and plastic components on on your boat, and as a bonus, costs a fraction of the price!

Fluid Film is a rust and corrosion spray made with the natural ingredient, lanolin. For lack of a better definition, "lanolin" is the oily hair grease from sheep and other wool bearing animals. While this sounds kind of gross, it's actually an environmentally friendly, natural penetrating lubricant. But besides lubrication, it also does a great job of cleaning and protecting the metal and plastic surfaces of your boat. Everything from aluminum t-tops, stainless rails, window frames, plastic parts and much more. Unlike many other marine lubricant sprays, it contains no petroleum products or solvents, so it is safe to use almost anywhere.

Although it is not specifically marketed to boaters, it is ideally suited to the marine environment. And if it smells familiar, that is because is very similar to Woody Wax. Both are made with lanolin. I have been using "Fluid Film" to keep my rails, window frames, outriggers, and plastic components looking new and protected. It cleans, protects, and leaves the components looking shiny and new.

It seems to last a reasonably long time compared to similar products. It can also be used to protect electrical components, but being a bit waxy, I personally don't recommend it for that purpose, as it will build up over time. I also don't use it on my engine, because there is the slight chance it can make some rubber components swell. But I do use it on rubber weather stripping and similar items. For really tough corrosion or salt buildup on marine metals, I also use a fine bronze wool pad when applying. The bronze wool prevents scratching, but has enough abrasion to help remove even stubborn salt buildup.

Fluid Film can be found in some local stores, or ordered online. I found it at a local lawn and snow removal equipment store. Turns out they like to apply it to snow blowers to keep the snow from sticking to the chutes and blades. Seems like this is one of those products that have many applications!



#1 Ralph D 2014-09-26 21:36
Used it to loosen up and clean some old Daiwa SeaLine 30's. Works awesome. Great to have on the boat when a reel seizes up on you.

Applying it on reels AND your rods protects them from corrosion. Remember..no solvents...no damage. (and no, they are not sponsors...I just swear by their product)

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