Umbrella Rig Storage

By Ralph D'Angelo

Finally, an easy way to store those messy Umbrella Rigs!

Umbrella rigs are EXTREMELY effective, especially when sand eels are present. Trolling these rigs just off the bottom is one of the most effective ways to catch Striped Bass at those times. That being said, many anglers don't enjoy pulling these rigs around, nor the subsequent snags and hang-ups that are bound to happen if you're trolling just off the bottom, where they need to be. But one thing that can not be denied, THEY CATCH FISH...and lot's of them...often double and triple headers!

I personally enjoy fishing with them, but one thing I can never seem to do, is find a way to store them on the boat without them becoming a tangled mess. This simple project will store your rigs neatly, and allow you to deploy and store them quickly. It will also allow them to easily dry when your finished, so they won't rust as fast (as long as you rinse them with fresh water once you are done fishing)

umbst1     umbst2

The materials you need are simple, and you can modify them as best suits YOUR needs.

  • 2"x3" vinyl gutter downspout, cut into 18" lengths (available at Home Depot for $8)
  • A bucket
  • A piece of foam (I used a piece of a foam pool "noodle" from Sports Authority, the same ones I use to make marker buoys)


This is very simple to make. I also use it to store my rigged Trolling Tubes. The piece of foam is wedged in the bucket to hold the Gutter pieces in place. And I use the left over space in the bucket to hold spare tubes, hooks and shad baits for my rigs.

P1010454    P1010457


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