Homemade Marker Bouys

By Ralph D'Angelo

Simple, cheap Marker Bouys...just in time for Blackfish season!!


Sure, we all have used water bottles wrapped with monofilimant fishing line and lead sinkers...and yes, they do work, some of the time! Here is a simple marker buoy, made with Foam Pool Noodles available at any store that sells pool toys. I bought mine at Sports Authority in the summer.

  • Foam Pool Noodle (with hollow center)pool-noodle
  • Crab trap line
  • Lead weight (I used piece of scrap lead conduit)

It's pretty simple. Cut the pool noodle to approximately 10". Make a hole to tie on the line (I used a phillips screwdriver heated with a lighter). Once tied on, wrap the line around the buoy and when finished, tie the line to your weight. I use the center of the noodle to store the weight when not in use. I also use a Rod Wrap to hold the line on the marker buoy.

To use the buoy, I measure off the approximate amount of line I will need to match the depth of the water. To do so, I simply grab the line and spread my arms, Being 6' tall, I know my outstretched arms are approximately 6'. I repeat the process until I pull off the amount of line I need. Measuring this way let's me quickly measure off the line precisely.

So if the water is 30' deep, I will measure off about 38'. The extra 8' is to allow for wave and tide action. Too short and the swells will lift your buoy right off the bottom. So make sure you add enough to allow for the waves.  Once I measure off the line I need, I use the Rod Wrap to secure the line. I simply wrap the Rod Wrap around the buoy to hold it in place. To make it extra secure, I wrap the line around the Rod Wrap once or twice, then secure the Rod wrap. This way the line is secure and will not pull off the buoy unwanted.







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