The Rubber Band Fluke Teaser

By Ralph D'Angelo

Cheap, effective and durable teasers you can make at home!

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First off, let me tell you...I don't use these teasers because I am cheap (which I am)...I use them because they work! (but they also happen to be ridiculously cheap! lol)

I was first introduced to these teasers by a good friend, Capt. Paul Giangreco, who operates the charter boat Fisherman II out of Montauk, NY. Capt. "Paulie", as his friend's call him, is one of the longest running, most respected charter captains in the Montauk charter fleet, and is also one of the best bottom fisherman you will ever meet. Don't believe me? Just check out the pic below of a pair of Fluke we caught with him. Yes, those are both 12lbs each!

One day...waaaay back...I was fluke fishing with Paulie, using my $6 custom tied teasers. Yah, they worked well, but after a few fluke chewed them up, Paulie suggested I try one of his homemade Rubber Band teasers. After a quick laugh, I gave it a try...and what can I say, they work awesome!

I think the key to these teasers are that they have a very natural look, color and action. (maybe too much, Sea Robins seem to love them!) I have used these to catch Fluke and Sea Bass, but Paulie told me he has even caught Yellowfin Tuna on kidding!

They are very simple to make. The materials are cheap and readily available. They work well, and are extremely durable, Fluke seem to have a tough time chewing through the rubber. I can see why, I tried a few luck! lol

  • rubb 22/0 Gamakatsu Baitholder hooks (#05412)
  • #32 Rubber Bands
  • Unwaxed Dental Floss
  • Clear nail polish or epoxy

Take 6 rubber bands. Lay them over the hook eye. Use the floss to wrap around the rubber bands just behind the hook eye. There should only be a very small portion of the rubber band loops extending past the eye. After a few wraps, use clippers to trim the rubber bands so they don't block the hook eye. Then continue to wrap the floss until you form a head. It really does not have to be perfect, so long as you wrap enough to hold the rubber bands to the hook.

Once done wrapping, tie off the floss with a couple of half hitches, or a whip finish. If you don't know how to whip finish, it's actually pretty simple. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that teach you how to whip finish. It's basically the same as if you were tying a fly. Then place a couple of drops of epoxy on the wraps to make them hold tight.

Once you have the head finished and the rubber bands secured, simply cut the rear part of the rubber band loops, to trim them off. This will also let the 12 pieces of rubber bands separate.

And that's it! For a few bucks you can make enough teasers to last you a whole season, and even make a few extra for your friends. And if you have any luck with these teasers, It would be great if you could share your experiences. So please be sure to leave a comment below!

** Another little trick, drop the fluke ball teaser back 6-8" on a piece of mono. Gives it a little extra action! **

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