A Great Way To Organize Your Tackle!

By Ralph D'Angelo

Michael's Art Stores...I guess there are worse places a fisherman could be! lol

....But seriously, it's a great place to find tackle storage containers. I always had trouble finding tackle packs from the tackle box companies like Plano, that had compartments small enough to hold terminal tackle such as swivels, crimps, etc. The boxes that they did have, seemed to take up a lot of space.

IMG 0884

Art stores, etsy, and eBay all sell small organizers for people who collect beads (beads...huh...people collect them?...okay...to each is own! lol)). These containers are awersome for storing small fishing tackle items. Walgreens, CVS and other stores sell "pill organizers" that also work really well. What's great about these containers is that they take up less space, hold more tackle, and often fit insde your larger Plano boxes.

IMG 0886


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