Make Your Own Bunker Spoon Trailer Hook

Bunker spoons should NEVER be ran without a trailer hook. Here is a cheap way to make your own!

Trailer hooks make sure you catch short strikeing fish. Most of the Bunker Spoon manufactures sell their own, or for a few dollars you can make a bunch for you and your fishing buddies.

These are quick to put on and take off, making your spoons easy to store without them.

  • Treble Hook
  • Ball Chain Swivel; 1-7/8" 175lb
  • Split rings
  • Coastlock Snap

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Since writing this article a few years back, we started using a single 9/0 Siwash hook instead of a treble. While the treble works well, it almost works too good. It tends to grapple the bass in the face, and often mistakenly snags bunker when running through a school. Using the Siwash, your less likely to snag, and it also lays flat so you do not have to remove it when storing in your lure bag.

Rigging is simple, take a 9/0 Stainless Salmon Siwash hook, and slide a small piece of surgical tubing over the eye. You may have to close the eye first with a pair of Channel Lock pliers if it is the open eye style hook. Then slide the hook eye over the spoon's hook.  Or if you prefer, you can purchase these pre-rigged from Maja Products.

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IMG 1678

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