Asgard Bucktail Jigs

By Capt. Joey Leggio

Asgard's high quality jigs are designed to look good, catch fish and last a long time

It was about this time two years ago when I was surfing Facebook and found a guys page with some real nice looking Jigs and Bucktails. I sent him a friend request and a message asking him if he could make me 24 black Bucktails in 1.5 oz with silver flash. I got an email back in less then ten minutes from a guy named John Boggio of Asgard Jigs. John said yes I will have them done in a few days. I was like OK stop kidding.

He said no I am not kidding come by my house and pick them up in a few days. I siad do you need a deposit and he replied Nope I trust you...

So the weekend came and I picked up my buddy and we headed to Johns home. We met John in front of his house and he told us to go in the garage. John comes in the garage and shows me a black Bucktail and then proceeds to throw it on the concrete driveway. The lure bounced and went under his car. I stood dumbfounded.. I laughed and said what the hell was that???? John said don't worry and handed me a hockey stick and said grab the Bucktail. So I reached under his car and recovered the jig. I handed it to him and he said check this out as he proceeded to pull off the pieces of blacktop and concrete. He then brushed off the jig and it looked like nothing ever happened to it... Right there I was sold... I have never in my life seen such a finish on a Bucktail as you will find in Johns Jigs which he calls "Asgard Jigs". John showed us the process of how he makes one of his jigs. The multi coats of paint and then the multi coats of epoxy truly makes these lures indestructible. Now, if the 100 MPH toss on the floor wasn't enough, he started pulling on the hair (bucktail) part of the jig and nothing came out. It stayed tight and right in place and still flared.

He handed me 24 individual packed jigs and said he is your order just as promised. My buddy who was just there for the ride was sold as well and he bought about 20 jigs himself. The night we hit the bridge and dam were we pleased. These jigs fished so dam good. The hooks were strong, the pork-rinds never came off the hook as they do with the Spro Bucktails and as many times as you hit the bridge, the lures came back perfect. I think we had 7 or so Bass that night on the Black Bucktails that we picked up from John that morning. Another thing we noticed is that after all the fishing we did, the hair still remained full and intact.  

In one of our videos you can watch John build one of his Armored, Kriptonic Bucktails. He Takes you through all the steps and does this whole process by hand. If you want a quality bucktail that will surely outlast any other bucktail you may have in your tackle box, then give John a call (631) 226-2001. He can make anything you want in any color. Check out his Searobin pattern which I know is going to be a killer this Spring..



#2 Joe Leggio 2012-12-04 15:47
You can also find his number and watch him tie these bucktails on our video page.
#1 Puerto Rico Sportfishing Charters 2012-11-23 20:00
Hi, do you have a phone number where i can reach that guy? If so, please email me at
I really need them, thanks!!!!!!
Capt. Lui

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