Humminbird 798 Fishfinder Chartplotter

By Ralph D'Angelo

Hummingbird's fishfiner/GPS/sidescan unit offers wide range of features, a simple installation, at an affordable price.

photo2My first fishfinder was a Humminbird LCD unit purchased in the early 90's, and up until 2000, I had owned several more. At the time I thought they were pretty state of the art, but as more professional units came out like the Lowrance, the Humminbirds seemed to lose their luster. Throughout the 2000's I pretty much ignored the Humminbird units, writing them off as lower cost, less professional units...preferring the Lowrance, Foruno and Raymarine units instead.

But this spring, that had changed, I purchased the Humminbird 798ci SI chartplotter/fishfinder/sidescan unit. Having used my buddies Lowrance HDS 7, I was really interested in having a hi-def, color, multi-function unit that also had sidescan capabilities. Unfortunately, the HDS units were out of my price range, and did not offer a self-contained unit. They required separate installations for the display, antenna, transducer, sidescan module and sidescan transducer. Considering the fact that I intended to make this unit portable, using the Lowrance unit was not feasible.

That's when I discovered the Humminbird 798. It had the hi-def display, chartplotter, sidescan all in a self contained unit. There is simply a display (with built in antenna) and a multifunction transducer. And from what I had seen, the units display was comparable in detail to the Lowrance. I'm not going to say it's equal to the Lowrance, as the Lowrance HDS is awesome, but for a much more affordable cost and MUCH simpler installation, I enjoy many of the same features. So I quickly bought the unit and was anxious to try it out.

S00019Having used the unit all year long, I have to say I was really pleased. The sonar display was very clear, and had no trouble picking up even small fish targets. The unit also has a very robust feature set that allows you to adjust the settings for the specific conditions you fish in. I used my unit primarily to troll clear, deepwater reservoirs for trout, but I also used it to bass fish in shallow weedy waters. The unit's settings allowed me to adjust the unit to perform ideally in both situations. It did take me a while to learn how to optimize the settings, but the settings are there, you just need to learn how to use them properly.

Later this past year, my buddy, Capt. Gene, also installed this unit onto his saltwater fishing boat and was very pleased. You can see the unit in action in the "Jigging for Blackfish" video on our website It's definitely a simpler, and less costly alternative to some of the other brands, but you sacrifice very little in the way of performance or features.

And the installation is very easy. Simply screw in th display unit, the transducer, connect the power and your ready to go, with all the bells and whistles. (Sonar, Sidescan, Downscan, Chartplotter with WAAS, Internal Antenna, Speed &Temp).

The new Humminbird units are incredibily effective, a great value and I highly reccomend them, particularly for someone looking for a higher end unit with a simpler installation and cost effective price.




#2 Rob L 2014-08-26 10:45
I bought the humminbird 688 in April and I love it. It shows the thermocline very well
#1 Frank 2012-12-01 23:25
I have the 798. Got this year. I enjoyed using it.

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