No Bait, No problem.. Gulp to the rescue..

By Capt. Joey Leggio

Always keep a package of Gulp in your Tackle Bag....

I been fishing after work a lot in the bay for Fluke. I run right from work to the boat and head out. I do not have much time to fish with there only being a few hours left of day light so stopping at the bait shop is out of the question at times. What do I do??? Well, I always keep a jar or a bag of Berkley Gulp Swimming Mullet in my tackle bag. This stuff is magical. I put one Gulp on a Bucktail and it works just like having fresh bait. Make sure the gulp is straight on the hook and not threaded to far on the hook. You want everything to be streamline.

You will be amazed how the Fluke jump all over this deadly lure combination. But it is not only Fluke  that love Gulp, Bass and Blues can not resist this little tender-morsel passing them by. The next time you are at the store grab a bag of Berkley Gulp Swimming Mullet. The cost is about $7.00 and it is worth every penny. When you are finished fishing for the day or afternoon as I do. Just take the Gulp off the hook or Bucktail and place it back in the solution you got it from. It will recharge and be ready for use the next day or next week.

White Gulp

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2011 Chasin Tail TV - No Bait, No problem.. Gulp to the rescue...
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