Mojo Sportfishing Apparel! It’s time to “Get Your Mojo On!”

By Capt. Joey Leggio

The Next Generation In Sportfishing Apparel! “Get Your Mojo On!”

My good buddy Bill Boyce introduced me to a new line of high performance outdoor sportswear last year. He could not stop telling me about the comfort and fit and the beautiful collection that was available. So I had to see from my self and I placed an order with . Once my order came in and I felt the quality of the shirts and visors I to was now HOOKED... The shirt fit me like it was handcrafted just for my body and anyone that knows me  knows you don't get the name FAT FISH for being a twig. Mojo had my XXL size in stock and in many colors to choose from. The shipping was also very fast and the customer service was second to none.

Below you can find out some more information about the Mojo clothing line,

Mojo Sportswear has created a line of high-performance fishing apparel that is constructed from the most technologically-advanced fabrics on the market. It’s the next generation of sportfishing gear. And it’s available today simply by going to . Mojo offers FREE shipping on orders that are $75.00 or more.

So what is Mojo?

Mojo is PROTECTION from the sun’s rays, moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry even on the hottest days, the softest fabrics that are both comfortable and highly durable with excellent resistance to stains—these are just some of the key aspects that set Mojo apart from the rest.

It’s time to “Get Your Mojo On!”


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