Tuf-line MicroLead

By Ralph D'Angelo

Tuf-line MicroLead...this super braid leadcore will change your trolling experience!

micro-leadbox2Tuf-Line recently released its "MicroLead" series of small diameter leadcore line. Unlike traditional leadcore, which consists of a lead core wrapped with a braided nylon sheath, this new "MicroLead" features a "Spectra" outer sheath, which they claim to be 3 times as strong. The line is also claimed to be 30% thinner.

Now…while "stronger" and "thinner" are great properties for almost any fishing line, these properties are especially appreciated in leadcore. Trolling, by its nature, is very hard on your tackle, especially the line. This is because trolling can cause abrasion wear at the tip-top, and also at the terminal connection, where the line frequently makes contact with the bottom. It's not uncommon to have to cut the last color off mid-season due to the abuse these sections of your line takes, or else potentially lose a fish to a break-off. I can tell you first hand, that the inner lead core, by itself, can not hold a fish of any size! lol

But most exciting about this new line is that it is noticeably thinner. When trolling, thinner line has less water resistance, and gets you lure down faster. It is for this same reason that Spectra based leadcore can reach the same depths, using a significantly thinner and lighter lead core.

Being thinner and lighter also reduces the "belly" formed by the line's water resistance and weight. Having less "belly" results in quicker hook sets, as there is no delay while the line needs to pull the "belly" out before the hook point finds its home. Often, these extra few milliseconds mean the difference between landing a fish, or simply having a short strike.

tl mlThe thinner line also seems to have a more predictable sink rate. I have noticed that with typical leadcore, the 7' per color sink rate varies depending how many "colors" you have out.

Being lighter, this line also allows you to use lighter tackle…smaller reels, lighter rods…which generally improves the quality of your fishing experience. Gone are the days of oversized trolling tackle requiring you to "winch" in the fish. You fight the fish now…not the line!

I have been using this line in both saltwater for stripers, and freshwater for trout, and I am very excited to see there is finally something new to improve my trolling experience.

Please, if anyone has had any experiences with this new line, please feel free to share you experience in the comments section below. We would LOVE to hear from you!!




#4 Ralph D 2015-07-19 20:18
Wendall...thank s for your input...seriously.

Mine did bleed the first few times when I used it. But after that was fine. But my old Cortlantd leadcore also bled a little and faded. My MicroLead did not fade much. I actually think it faded less then my old Cortland. And I have been using the same MicroLead for a year now, but in freshwater only.

I did notice the braided sheath was less tightly wound then traditional leadcore, and I have seen the leadcore pop out. It hasn't broken the core yet, but I think it will at some point if I am not careful. Last year, I did speak to the rep at Tuf-line. I asked him why the braid was not woven very tight. He explained that if they tightly wound the spectra sheeth as tight as traditional nylon leadcore, it would cost over $100 dollar a spool to purchase, so the looser weave was necessary to keep the cost reasonable.

The one thing that did bother me about the line though, was the odd choice of colors.They didn't use the standard "primary" colors (red, green blue, orange, etc) I have 3 different shades of pink on one spool! And the color sequence on the two spools I own are different. But I think they may have corrected that now.

Regardless, I have been very happy with the line. At least for my trout trolling, it seems to work really well. And holds up at least as long as my nylon leadcore, if not longer. I used to get only two seasons out of my nylon leadcore.It would fade and get brittle.

Seriously, get in touch with Tuf-line. Express your concerns, I am sure they will appreciate your input and hopefully work something out.

I would not recommend MicroLead if it hadn't been working well for me, which it has been.
#3 wendall 2015-07-18 08:37
pure junk......
ive got a grocery back full, 4 spools of bird nested trash...
line bleeds un real, makes a mess or your boat everywhere, and fades so quick, that after 5 or 6 trips you have a mess of blended colors that are useless.....
catch a few big fish, or hang the bottom 1 time, and its ruint..
the lead actually breaks into a million pieces, and pokes right thru the sheath....
what junk.....
think ill be trying to call the company monday morning and try and get my money back......
#2 Ralph D 2014-03-22 15:39
Thanks Rob!
#1 Rob L 2014-03-22 15:38
Having experimented with trolling in the past, I dedicated my 2013 fishing season, almost exclusively, to trolling leadcore for trout on Westchester's reservoirs.

Mid-season, I decided to try out Tuf-Line's "MicroLead" abandoning my old leadcore. I can honestly say, using this line has been a dream. It is very smooth on the reel and going through the guides. It goes just as deep as my old leadcore, and more importantly, it helps eliminate some of the belly during the hook set.

I often suspected this belly was responsible for lost fish, giving that fish a second or two to shake the hook. TUF-line was much, much lighter at hook set and that belly felt greatly reduced. I felt it improved the hit/land ratio, although I did not officially keep records.

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