Tsunami Rods

By Ralph D'Angelo

Hight quality rods for the value minded angler!

Tsunami Rods by Bimini Bay Outfitters offers a complete line or premium rods at a less than premium price. They are great rods for the budget minded angler, who still wants quality gear. Being rather budget conscious myself, I have bought two pairs of their rods this year.DSC 9579

The first was a pair of TSTSU-5950 Stand-up Rods. These are 5'9" rods rated for 50-100lb line that sell for around $119 each. I was really impressed with the quality of the rods at that price. They are definitely a step up from entry level stand-up rods, and even compare favorably with rods costing twice their price. They have slick butts with machined aluminum reel seats and gimbals. With graphite composite blanks and gold nitride coated guides, these rods look really sharp. I have used these rods for both shark and tuna and they perform admirably. Their action is pretty stiff and they excel at trolling. The one thing about the rods that I don't care for is the gimbal. It's a quality machined piece, but it has this unusual "bulbous" shape, making it a bit more difficult to get in and out of the rod holders than your standard "tapered" style gimbal.

This spring, I also purchase a pair of their TSTBC 761HW 7'6" Wire Line Trolling Rods. The rods are manufactured similarly to the Tsunami stand-up rods and were of comparable quality. Really beautiful rods, with quality components. These too had slick butts, aluminum reel seats and gimbals. In addition, they also have carbide guides designed for trolling wire. I purchased these longer rods for the purpose of trolling bunker spoons. At $100 each, these were the best rods I could find at that price range. I used them extensively in the Spring, trolling for Stripers off Atlantic Beach, NY. They performed the task very well. They have a relatively soft action, but not quite as soft as the Tony Maja Bunker Spoon Rods. Being slightly stiffer, these rods will also do an excellent job of pulling umbrella rigs this fall. Again, my only complaint is the use of the "bulbous" style gimbal.

DSC 9569

In hindsight, I prefer the softer action of the Maja rods, but the Tsunami's are a little more affordable and pull double duty with umbrella rigs also. But for pure Bunker Spoon trolling, the Maja Bunker Spoon Rods are hard to beat, their action is specifically tuned for pulling spoons and that soft action really helps you determine the perfect trolling speed for the conditions on any given day.

In conclusion, these Tsunami rods are GREAT values. I simply have not seen many other rods that offer the qualities features they offer at this price. They are made of quality components and have actions very suitable for the fishing they were intended to perform.





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