Minox BN 7x50 DC Binoculars Review

By Capt. Joey Leggio

Minox Binoculars Review, Minox BN 7x50 DC

I recently stopped in to Pelagic Outfitters in Lindenhurst to pick up a pair of Binoculars for me boat. Chris suggested I try out the Minox BN 7x50 DC, Part # 62419. I explained to him that these were going to be used on the boat and needed to be able to handle rigorous daily use of being on a boat. They had to withstand the salt spray, wind, waves and just the normal every day running of a boat. Again Chris assured me these were the binoculars I wanted. So I handed over Chris my Credit Card and left with my new Minox Binoculars.


At first glance the binoculars are very sharp looking. The binoculars are all covered in a particularly robust non-slip rubber armoring, I really liked this and it also made them ideal for the rocking of the boat. They stayed in place on my dash. These binoculars are filled with nitrogen gas making them water tight and anti-fogging and we all know how bad it is when you are trying to find birds with fogged up lenses. Clarity is very important.

In the right lens, there is a fully integrated digital compass which is in the center of the field of view. All information is visible at the touch of a button and you will never lose sight of the most important details.

Rotating eyecups makes the Minox Binoculars more user friendly. With or without eyeglasses or sunglasses, the quickly adjustable eyecups are comfortable for all users.

Although I have not used this function, I did read up on a further highlight of the BN 7x50 DC includes a digital barometer function. This includes the reading of the current air pressure as well as the air pressure over the previous 16 hours. Weather changes can thus be detected and predetermined in good time and for your own safety. There is a digital stopwatch with split time for more added features.

Aside from the previously mentioned features, the BN 7x50 DC offers additional practical advantages. For example, the digital tilt function which allows the height of the observed object to be determined based on the inclination angle reading in the display. Additionally, the BN 7x50 DC is equipped with an altimeter and a thermometer.

These binoculars can be purchased anywhere from $550.00 to $649.00 so look around for the sales or special promotions to save a few bucks.

In closing, The Minox BN 7x50 DC binoculars are calculated and constructed at the highest of precision, offer maximum brilliance and clarity, brightness, contrast and resolution right down to the last detail as well as natural color rendition.

On the first day I used my binoculars I was about 2 miles off the beach fishing for Striped Bass. I was looking for bird life as the fish were stacked on rain bait. I thought I saw something looking like birds in the way distance. I used my binoculars to confirm what I saw. I also had my radar scanning and showing flocks of Seagulls tight to the water so between the two, you can’t miss.

I highly recommend these binoculars for any fisherman or boat captain. They can withstand the abuse and the elements our equipment goes through.


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