Rapala Floating Fish Grippers

By Ralph D'Angelo

Affordable lip grippers that make landing fish easier and cleaner for the angler....and safer for the fish!


Boga Grips are pretty awesome...but not everyone can afford them...and others simply don't have the room to carry them around. I have seen these fish grippers around for a few years, and wasn't very impressed by the look of them...until I actually bought one. 

They are cheap..I bought the 6" pair on sale at Bass Pro Shops for $6.99! They are really small and super light (so light they float!). I use mine to hold Lake Trout while I remove the hook. Lake trout are super slimy and love to twist. Once you put them in a net they get all sorts of tangled up. With the lip gripper, I can leave the fish in the water while I remove the hook. It's important that you try to leave the fish in the water as the resistance of the water helps prevent the fish from thrashing and keeps the slime off you and the boat.

If you lift the fish out of the water with the lip gripper, the fish can thrash wildly and damage it's jaws. So when you lift a fish to take a picture, try to hold the fish horizontally and support it's belly, and not let it hang by it's jaw. I try my best to abide by that rule.

Sure, these ARE made of plastic, and are not the best thing to control 60lb striper...but you will be surprised how useful they really are, especially for more moderate sized fish. They definitely make controlling and releasing most of your fish a lot easier, less messy, and safer for the fish. I can't say enough about how convenient these really are.

marin laker 201605

Our Buddy "Marin" with a nice Spring Lake Trout


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