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The Blackfish Jig I choose on my boat is from HookupLures.com


Jigs for Blackfish

Recently at the National Seminar Series with George Poveromo I was asked to speak about the latest technique to catch Blackfish. This pretty new technique which happens to be my favorite way to target these bulldogs is with a lead head Jig or more commonly referred to as “The Jig”.

The issue at the show was even though we had a huge screen on stage to show the products being spoken about; it was still kind of hard to see a small individual jig. So with that being said, here is a small write up and some photos about the jig I love to use when targeting Blackfish on jigs.

IMG 2116

My jig of choice is The Big Jig Series and the Inshore Premium Series by HookupLures.com. I like using jigs ranging in weights from 1/2 oz. , 3/4 oz. , 1 oz. , 1.5 oz. and the most a 2 oz. I very rarely go heavier than a 2 oz. I don’t mind if the jig is walking back in the current as I feel it is mimicking a crab walking the bottom of the ocean floor. If I need more weight than that I will go to a standard conventional Blackfish SNAFU Blackfish rig.

IMG 1925

Hookup Lures make their jigs with Mustad super sharp, super strong, premium forged Duratin hooks. I do like my jigs naked, (No Paint) but the painted ones I use mostly are White, Dark Green or Green and Orange combo. My set-up is a Daiwa Saltist 3000 Spinning Reel filled with 40# Braid. My reel is matched perfectly with a Daiwa Proteus SS64MLS. Spinning rod. I use a top shot of 35-40 Flurocarbon leader. The Jig is tied directly to the leader. I do not use snaps or clips between the jig and the leader. When choosing a rod make sure to get one with the extended but. It helps out on hooking a big tog and not having the rod get pulled out of your hand.

IMG 1016

On your next Blackfish outing, bring a jig or two along. Believe me when I tell you this, “The Tug Is The Drug”. Once you hook one on the jig, you will never look back.

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