Daiwa Seagate 20 H light weight, yet powerful.

Daiwa Seagate SGT 20 H The Perfect Blackfish Reel

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Daiwa Seagate 20 H

The Daiwa Seagate 20 H in my opinion is the perfect all around reel that can take on the pure power of a large Striped bass trying to earn his freedom or the hard tugging of a Blackfish trying to get back to his little rock structure.

The reel is light weight weighing only 14.3 oz. Weight plays a big role when holding a rod all day waiting for that Blackfish to strike. The less fatigue your arm is, the better that hook set is going to be. Once you have “The One” hooked, the SGT 20 H has some very nice stopping power with its max drag of 15.4 pounds. The oversize power handle is a great feature when you really have to crank down to stop a surging Tog. The leverage feels perfectly matched.

I searched the web and have seen prices ranging from $115.00 and all the way up to $149.95 so definitely shop around for the best deal.

When targeting Blackfish, I like to fish 50# Braid on my conventional reels. The SGT 20 H you will be able to fit 200 yards of 50# of your favorite braid. The SGT 20 H is a true little work horse that won’t break the bank.

Some other features of the reel are;

4 Bearing System (3CRBB + 1RB)

Anodized aluminum spool

Corrosion-proof composite frame

Rugged brass gears, helical-cut for smooth, powerful winding

Ultimate Tournament carbon drag (UTD)

Centrifugal spool brake

Dual system Infinite Anti-Reverse.


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