Using Beads to Keep Bait Alive on Your Hooks

By Capt. Joey Leggio

Keeping Your Bait Alive On Your Hook

You just filled your live well with the hardiest live baits you could find. You thread a live bait on your hook and cast out in hopes of catching a trophy. But you get zero strikes. You pull in your line just to find that your fresh live bait is now dead with a hook through its gills.hookBeads

Has this happened to you? Have you ever lost a fish on a chunk bait or a live bait due to the hook spinning and lodging back into the bait? You literally feel the bait get pulled right out of the fish’s mouth. It happens all the time and many fish have been lost due to this common problem. 

I am going to teach you a little trick of mine that I learned from my good buddy Matt while down in Miami fishing for Blackfin Tuna with live Pilchards. First you will need a package of Owner Soft Glo w Beads. They come in green and white and I like to use the # 4 size. You can buy them at your local tackle store or just order them right from Owner at . Each package contains 24 pieces.

Next use a quality live bait hook of your choice. Owner makes a very good hook but any good hook will work. You want to take one bead and place it on the hook. Start from the tip of the hook (the pointy side).These beads have a hole already pre-drilled into them. Just slip the bead right over the point of the hook and place it just where the hook starts to bend to form the J. These beads are rubber so they will slide over the Barb with no problems. You can easily adjust the bead and place it where ever you like on the hook.

Now all you need to do it place your live bait or chunk bait on the hook and you are done. The bead will prevent the hook from spinning on the fish and lodging back into itself. This is a pretty simple solution and it works great.


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