Killer Herring Fishing Rig

By Capt. Joey Leggio

Herring season is in full swing so here are a few tips to help put more herring in your pail this winter.

First get yourself a flashy sabiki rig. Go to any local tackle store or you can order them from Bass Pro Shops. Go to and look for them on their site. Lots of the times you can get them at Bass Pro for .99 cents per rig.

I like that Sabiki Rigs that have mylar hair. It adds much more flash to the rig and attracts much more fish. Don’t get too big of a hook, smaller is better. Also be very careful when pulling the rig from its package. There are 6 to 8 hooks on these rigs with some very small and very sharp hooks that snag onto everything. Next grab yourself a small hook out. They go for about $5.00 and it makes getting the Herring off the hooks a lot easier.

herring stringer

Next tie your rig onto your rod of choice. I like to use a 7 ½’ spinning outfit with a 4000 Shimano spinning reel filled with 20 lb Power-Pro.

Once you have the Sabiki Rig tied on, you will want to add a Glow Stick but only add the glow stick if you are going to fish at night. Clip it or tape in on the line to keep it in place. I like to put my glow stick above the rig so it illuminates the whole rig and makes it look like a small school of fish dancing under the light. Don’t crack the glow stick till you are ready to fish. You don’t want to waste it. One stick will last for a whole night of fishing. Now to really get these Herring biting you will want to add a flasher.


You can use anything silver that will imitate another Herring on the line. I have 4” spoons I use but you can simply cut a CD in half, drill a small hole in each half. Put a snap swivel in the drilled hole and attach to your line. I like to put a small section of 20 lb test leader between my Power-Pro and my Sabiki rig. This is where I like to add the flasher and glow stick. You can add a second flasher in the middle of the Sabiki rig or just put the one single flasher there. That’s it. You now have a killer Herring rig.If you can, put your swivel in a dropper loop before you tie it. Now put your flasher or the CD half on the snap swivel. It makes the flasher work a lot better. Bring a rag or some baby wipes to clean your hands. Herring will cover everything with their scales. If you have ever handled one before you will know what I mean. This is why I use the small hook out tool. If the fish are there, you should have no problem filling a bucket up.

In my video section there is a two-part video where my buddy Capt. Paul and his wife show you how to pickle these little fighters. Good luck and I will see you on the pier.

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