Flounder Chum Bomb

By Capt. Joey Leggio

Now with Flounder in Full Swing Try a Chum Bomb.

 Next time you are Flounder fishing try this little trick to attract more Flounder under your boat and add more fish to your cooler. You will need a brown lunch bag like you use to use when you were in school. Some thin rope like a crab line and a 16 oz or bigger sinker. Fill the bag with crushed clams, Mussels, corn & crushed crabs if you have a few (Spiders work great). Fill the brown lunch bad with this soupy mixture and tie the crab line around the bag. don't forget to add the weight to your crab line. Drop to the bottom and let in sit for a minute so the bag gets nice and wet and weak. Grab the line and give it a hard yank. This will cause the brown bag to bust open releasing all its contents right under your boat. Give it a try and hold onto that rod cause the strikes will come...


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2011 Chasin Tail TV - Flounder Chum Bomb.
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