How to Make a Simple Codfish Rig

By Capt. Joey Leggio

Making a simple and effective Codfish rig.

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What you will need:

  • 6’ section of Mono or Fluro from 50-60#
  • A high quality swivel. I like to use a Spro power swivel
  • 2 hooks. There are many too choose from but I always use Gamakatsu Baitholder size 4/0 or 5/0 or I also like the Gamakatsu Octopus in 5/0 or 6/0. If I am targeting Seabass as well, I will scale down to the 4/0 Octopus
  • Some teasers like Fat Cow Jig strips or Got-Cha Curl Tail Grubs.

Start off with the 6’ section of 50-60 mono or Fluro and make 2 dropper loops about 2’ apart. If you are not sure how to make the dropper loops, we have some videos in our library that will show you how or you can always just Google it.


Once that is complete, tie on the Spro Swivel to one end of the mono. On the other end of your mono you will tie a Surgeons loop or a Perfection Knot. Now place your two Gamakatsu hooks on the two loops you created. Important, Make sure your hook points are facing out, away from the main leader. To attach the hooks, just put the line through the eye of the hook and then slip the hook right back through the loop and pull tight.

Now that your rig is finished we need to dress it up a bit. I don’t know why but Codfish love the color Bubblegum Pink. It will out fish any other color there is. I always add a Pink Grub or Fat Cow strip to my upper hook of my rig for added attraction. Now all you need is some fresh clam and you are good to go.






hook to loop

twisted dropper loop 10


Captain Joey Leggio

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