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Fluke Fishing Tips w/ Spro & Gamakatsu

Fluke Fishing Tips w/ Spro & Gamakatsu

Striped Bass Trolling Tips for Rough Water

Striped Bass Trolling Tips for Rough Water

Late Fall Blackfish Fishing with Capt. Nick Savene

Late Fall Blackfish Fishing with Capt. Nick Savene

Thresher Shark Fishing Tips 2016

Nearshore sharking with Capt. Joey and his buddy Scott.

Carp Fishing Basics with Mark Lowrie

Mark Lowrie from the Carp Anglers Group of NJ (CAG) introduces us to the art of Carp Angling!

Cape Cod Canal Striped Bass

Capt. Joey Leggio and Al Gag discuss secrets to catching trophy striped bass from shore on the legendary Cape Cod Canal.

Channel Catfishing on the Connecticut River

Our pal Al Gag takes Capt. Joey Leggio Channel Catfishing on the Connecticut RIver, and shares some of his favorite tips.

Northeast Inshore Shark Fishing Tips

Capt. Joey Leggio takes Delaware River trout guide Evan Padua from on his first inshore shark fishing trip! Capt. Joey shows Evan some of the basic shark rigs and the two have the opportunity to catch a Hammerhead Shark!

Trout Fishing on the Delaware River, West Branch

Evan Padua takes Capt. Joey on his first ever river trout fishing trip! Lot's of great fish and great tips!

Spring Fluke Fishing in Montauk, NY

Capt. Joey and Capt. Ken Hejducek share some of their Spring Fluke secrets.

River Fishing for Striped Bass with Soft Plastic Baits

Al Gag and Capt. Ian Devlin show us how to catch winter Stripers using soft plastic baits. The weather is cold, but the action is red hot!

Striped Bass Fishing Bridges using Soft Plastics

Capt. Joey and his Buddy Al Gag (Al Gag Custom Lures) fish the bridge pilings using jig and soft bait combos.

False Albacore Fishing in Montauk

The fall run in Montauk begins when the False Albacore arrive! Capt. Joey goes fishing with Montauk's Capt. Adrian Mason and the guys have fun catching False Abacore on light tackle!

Spring Tips for Ocean Fluke

Capt. Joey and his buddy Capt. Sean Low share some of their secrets to catching early season Fluke!

Ice fishing in Southern NY

Joey "Chasin Tail" Leggio's first time Ice Fishing. His buddies Rob and Gene show him the basics.

Late Fall Ocean Blackfishing Tips

Capt. Joey and outdoor writer Tom Schlichter share some of their tips to catch late season Blackfish

Watch Capt. Joey Leggio on Lunkerville Here!

Check out Capt. Joey featured on WFN's "Lunkerville" with Mike D. The guys team up to catch Sea Bass and Striped Bass off Long Island's South shore!

Bunker Spoon Trolling Tactics for Striped Bass

Learn how to troll bunker spoons for monster striped bass with Capt. Joey Leggio and Dr. Michael Verde

Capt. Joey Leggio Featured on WFN's "IGFA Saltwater Adventures w/ Bill Boyce"

Capt. Joey Leggio (Chasin' Tail) and Capt. Pete Lamba (Tunacious) take WFN's Bill Boyce out for a day of Striper fishing off of Atlantic Beach, NY

Jiggin' for Blackfish

Jig Fishing for Blackfish is one of the hottest new black fishing techniques. Using light tackle, it is not only very effective, but also very exciting!


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