Toothpaste for Diamond Jigs?

By Ralph D'Angelo

Shiny lures catch more fish! Here is a great way to polish your tins and be ready for action this fall!

Toothpaste, besides keeping your teeth clean, is also an excellent metal polish. It's mildy abbrasive, so while it cleans, it's not so strong that it will damage the finish on your lures. I use it to clean all my diamond jigs, spoons and spinner blades.

I find it best to apply it dry and rub it in well, then I add a little water and use a moist rag to really buff it out.  I rinse with water thoroughly to remove any remaining toothpaste. Then I buff it dry with a soft cloth.

That's it, your lures are bright, shiny and minty fresh! lol And from what Joey tells helps bluefish prevent cavities!

DSC 0651



#2 Adrian 2014-10-15 19:27
That's a great idea
#1 Ralph D 2014-09-30 13:43
Our buddy Eugene tells me it also takes the yellow off of car headlights...wi ll have to try that one out.

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