Wire Line Trolling with a Shimano Torium 30

By Capt. Joey Leggio

Lighten up your wire trolling gear with Shimano's Torium. High quality, high strength at an affordable price point.

About 5-6 years ago I went into a local tackle store looking for a new wire-line trolling reel. I was sick of my Penn 4/0 with its slow speed and heavy weight. I noticed the Shimano Torium and asked to see one. I told the dealer what I was going to do with the reel and he thought I was crazy. He said this reel was not made for wire and would not hold up. Boy, how wrong he was. I filled this reel with 50 lb Dacron backing and 300 yards of stainless wire, which I marked at 50-foot sections with telephone wire in different colors. I put the reel on a custom 8' rod and tried it out.

I loaded my boat and set out for a day of wire-line trolling. I would be using my new Torium and my old Penn 4.0. The day was perfect and I was trolling around the Verrazano Bridge with white bunker spoons. It was not long till I had my first bass on. The drags were set perfectly. The line came off the reel very smooth as the fish took off after the initial strike. I took the rod out of the rod holder and began to fight the fish. This reel was a beast. The fast retrieve was such a pleasure to use. If the fish swam to the boat all you had to do is crank faster. Unlike the Penn 4/0 , when a fish ran to the boat you had to put the boat in forward because you could not catch up t the fish. The Shimano Torium kicked the Penn 4/0's butt in line retrive. The Torium eliminates this problem with its 6.2:1 line retrive. All you do is crank faster and you catch up to the fish. Also you get the fish in faster with is great for fish survival if you plan to release your catch.

There is plenty of drag pressure to stop any fish you may run into. After we were done fishing for the day, all we did was rinse off all the rods and reels with fresh water and gave the wire a small spray of WD40. I am still using this reel today and it still looks awesome. There is no pitting or corrosion and as long as you take care of you tackle, it will last you a life time. With any reel you use with wire you MUST clean the reel, rod and the wire. If you are looking for a new wire-line trolling reel, You cannot go wrong with the Shimano Torium 30.

Shimano Torium 30 has a 6.2:1 gear ratio and holds 760 yards of 50 pound Braid. It has a max drag of 22 lbs and the reels weight is 23.3 oz

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