How to Tie a Double Blackfish Hook

By Capt. Joey Leggio

Call it a Tandem rig or a Sna-fu rig or just a double hook rig. But one thing that is for sure about this Blackfish rig is that it works and catches fish.

To start you will need two 4/0 Owner or Gamakatsu hooks and about 20 inches of Mono or Fluorocarbon line. It is good to have needle-nose pliers with you as well.

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  1. Slip the end of the line into the eye of your hook and give yourself about 6-8 inches of line. This will be the tag end. Now form a loop as if you were coming back through the loop the same way you went in but do not go back in the hook eye again. Just lay the line next to the other line in a loop.

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  2. Now put two fingers in the loop while holding the line and the hook eye with your right hand.

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  3. Start to twist the line around the hook shaft. Now the trick here is once you go around the hook shaft you have to twist the line to form a weave of some sort. If you watch the video you will have a much better understanding. You can also watch the Tying a Fluke Hook Video where I do the same knot on shark hooks and use bright orange Dacron line. Do about 6-7 twist on the hook shank.

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  4. You have to keep holding the knot or it will come apart and you will have to start over. Even when you switch hands, your other hand must hold the knot. Now wet the loop part of the line that looks all twisted. Slowly start to pull the main line and you will see the twisted line start to form a knot. Remember keep a hold of that knot. Now grab your needle-nose pliers and grab the tag and pull it snug. Once you have it all snug you can let go of the knot and slide it up on the hook shaft and bring it to the eye of the hook.
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  5. Now grab both ends and pull tightly to secure the knot.

  6. Repeat these steps now on the other hook and on the other end of the fishing line or leader material.

  7. Once you have this done you will want to form a dropper loop in the middle of the line between the two hooks.

  8. Turn the line 4 to 5 times over its self. Now separate the middle and pull the loop through. I like to grab it with my teeth and begin to pull both ends of the line to start to form the knot. It is good to moisten the line to reduce friction of the mono.

  9. Well now put the two hooks together and pull them tight and there you go. You should now have a dropper loop formed in the middle of the line and two hooks should be on either end.

  10. Now just put the hooks on your leader and add a weight and you are good to go.

There is a video to go with this article to help you understand the steps better..

Click HEREto watch the video


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