Drift Socks will put more fish in the cooler

By Capt. Joey Leggio

Drift Socks can turn a slow day into a banner day and here is why.

We all know that Fluke fishing in 15 to 20 kt winds can make it imposable to get your baits to hold bottom and turn a fun day into a  non-enjoyable one.

Get yourslef a drift sock for days like this. It is a very simple tool to use that will help your drift tremendulsy. Just the other day while Fluke fishing I was using 8-10 oz leads to hold bottom. Once I deployed the drift sock I was down to 5-6 oz leads for the same result. A drift sock adds resistance to your boat by opening up and filling with water. On one end you will have a large opening and on the back end you will have a very small opeing. It is like a parachute but in the water.

Drift Socks can help with your drift when Bottom fishing for Fluke but that is just the begining. If you are trolling bass and you do not have a trolling valve, deploy the drift sock off the transem. Your 5 kt troll should now be a 3.5 kt troll and a good speed for catching Striped Bass.

If you have a big sport fisher and want all your lines off the back of the boat while kite fishing. put a drift sock off the bow of your boat. This will keep the bow into the waves and you baits will all be behind your boat. You can also do this for shark fishing. Lots of Captains are running big Center Consoles and you have the whold side of the boat to fish. Place a drift sock on the middle cleat and the boat will drift sideways perfectly and all your shark baits will run off the side of the boat and right into your chum slick.

I mostly use my drift sock for Fluke fishing. You can get away with a lighter rod and less weight. Bouncing 10 ounces all day can give you popeye arms in a very short time. Once you put the right sized drift sock in the water you can take 3-4 ounces of lead off your Fluke rigs.


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