DIY Silicone Skirt Fluke Jigs

By Ralph D'Angelo

Affordable, durable and LETHAL fluke jigs you can make at home!

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I love bucktailing for fluke. In water 20' or less, it is an especially lethal tactic. For many years, my buddies and I have been using premium bucktail jigs, and while extremely effective, they are very costly. They also have a tendency to get chewed up and destroyed by the sharp teeth of fluke. Sometimes after catching only a couple of fish.

Several year ago I discovered what I believed was the solution - home poured banana head jigs with silicone skirts. These are the same skirts typically used on freshwater spinnerbaits for largemouth bass. The bare jigs are relatively inexpensive and you can pour your own, or purchase them from many tackle suppliers.



The skirts are also easy to find. I have been purchasing the Terminator "Quick Skirts". They come in packs of three, are extremely durable, and come in a wide variety of fluke catching color combinations. I like the Chartreuse/Silver Shad (green/white), Silver Shiner (white), and Speckled Trout (pink) colors. They also have a "Sunburst" color combination that does a great job of mimicking the colors of sea robins! The skirt are easy to replace if they wear out. Tipped with a spearing, these jigs are ready to go.

Originally, I had been pouring my own jigs and coating them with "powder coat" paint. This paint is very easy to apply and looks great, but unfortunately chips easily. But this year, I had John from Asgard Jigs pour and paint me some. This was the missing link! John paints his jigs with enamel, then coats them with super tough epoxy. These jigs are EXTREMELY durable. So far I have not had one jig head chip this season. In fact, the ones pictured above are the jigs I have been using all season.

Typically I use 3/4oz to 1 1/2oz jigs for water depths ranging from 5-25'. But I am sure you can use other weights to suit your fishing conditions. I think the banana head's shape is key to this jig. Unlike the "Ultra Minnow" jig heads, the banana head jig lacks the protrusion in front of the hook eye. For that reason I feel it glides effortlessly over obstructions with out getting hung up. And one thing I learned from my old school buddies...fluke like rocks!

For tackle I prefer fast action 6' freshwater bass casting rods. Something rated for around 10-17lb test. I will match the rod with a nice small baitcaster, and spool it up with 20lb super braid. This is a nice light set up, with plenty of backbone to land a large fluke. The lightness of the setup and the short rod makes it easy to provide action to the jig, without any fatigue.

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#1 John Boggio 2013-09-04 13:57
very kool thanks for the write up

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