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Chasin Tail TV

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All-American Stink Vs Gulp

Is there something to compare to Gulp? Click on the link and check out our review and test.

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Capt. Joey Leggio will be at The National Seminar Series

Come see Capt. Joey Leggio at the Saltwater Sportsman National Seminar Series Hosted by George Poveromo and presented by Bass Pro Shops.

george seminiar

NJ Saltwater Fishing Expo - 2018

somerset 2018 -banner

Well, it's that time of the year again. Going to be a long cold winter. Make sure you check out the Saltwater Fishing Expo in Edison, NJ. This is the largest dedicated Saltwater Fishing show in our area. It's that good, really. Great opportunity to meet all the manufacture rep's and ask them questions. Keep an eye out for Joey and I, we will be there...

Penn 965/975 International Clicker

Help keep that clicker from breaking!

Keep your clicker ON when not using the reel!! I was fixing another broken clicker spring today for a buddy. You can see in the photo below, if you leave the clicker OFF, one spring stays completely stretched out. That is the one I am usually replacing when a clicker breaks on these reels. So good advice, leave the clicker on when not using, it will keep both springs in an uncompressed and neutral position. Not sure if this applies to any other reels..




The Amazing "FG Knot" for Connecting Braid to Leader!

By Ralph D'Angelo

The "FG Knot" is one of the newest and best ways to connect your braid fishing line to your leader. It's great for top shots because the knot is so low profile and slides through your guides easily. It does not intefere with your cast or cause backlashes like thicker knots such as the "Uni to Uni" knot.

For the most pat, I have been using the "Albright Special" knot to connect my mono or florocarbon leaders or top shots to my super braid backing. The Albright is super easy to tie (see how here), is strong, and pretty low profile. The "FG is even stronger and even more low profile. It is slightly harder to tier though. For know, until I get better at tieing it, I am making the knots at home, and when I am out on the water, using the bimini instead. But it's rare I have to tie the leaders on the water, so for the most part, they are tied on at home.

Here is an EXCELLENT website and video demonstrating what I have found to be the simplest way to tie this remarkable knot. It's crazy, but it's not even really a "knot" at all, it's simply wrapping the braid around the end of a single starnd of leader, and holds on using a principle similar to a "chinese finger cuff"!



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