Fishing Tips

Hoe To Tie a Dropper Loop Correctly

How To Tie a Dropper Loop the Right Way!

How To Tie Non-Slip Loop Knot Perfection

How To Tie a Non-Slip Loop Knot

Shark Fishing 2018 - Rods, Reels & Leaders

Chris from Pelagic Outfitters shows us how to gear up for shark fishing this year

How to Fillet a Ling aka Red Hake

A bitch to fillet but one of the best to eat. The delightful Ling.

By Capt. Joey Leggio

How to fillet a Striped Bass

How to Fillet a Striped Bass

By Capt. Joey Leggio

How to Cut out Striped Bass Cheeks

How to cut out Striped Bass Cheeks

By Capt. Joey Leggio

How to Fillet a Blackfish By Joey Leggio

A step by Step video showing you how to Fillet a Blackfish

By Capt. Joey Leggio

Targeting Trophy Striped Bass from the SURF

Sit down and relax as surf fishing legend Billy "The Greek" talks about how to target Trophy Striped Bass from the surf on the South Shore of Long Island

By Capt. Joey Leggio & Billy "The Greek"

Throw a Large Cast Net, the Easy Way

Capt. Frank Crescitelli shows us an easier way to throw a large cast net. 

Northeast Canyon Daytime Swordfishing w/ Capt. Louis DeFusco

Acclaimed swordfishing expert Capt. Louis DeFusco shares his secrets to catching daytime sworfdfish in the Northeast canyons.

Northeast Shark Fishing Secrets w/ Capt. Dave Schunke

Capt. Dave Schunke from NBC Sport's "Fish Mavericks" shares his secrets on how to catch sharks in the Northeast and win tournaments.

Salt Life Sport Optics Overview

Donny talks with Captain Joey about what's new over at Salt Life Sport Optics

Know Your Sonar w/ Humminbird

Bill Carson from Humminbird Electronics explains how to get the most of your electronics.

Wire Line Trolling for Striped Bass - Tips & Tricks

Capt. Joey Leggio shares his favorite tips & tricks for trolling Striped Bass with wire line.

Fillet Fluke in Under 15 seconds!!

Capt. Sean Low shows us how to fillet a Fluke (Summer Flounder) in under 15 seconds!!


Lindenhurst High School Seminar held at Great South Bay Tackle

Billy The Greek Speaks to the Lindenhurst High School Saltwater Anglers about Striped Bass and other local fish.

ChasinTailTV Promo number 1

This is just a small promo video I made messing around with Power Director 10

How to "Walk the Dog" using a Zara Spook

Learn this simple technique to work a Zara Spook the right way to make the lure most productive.


"Chumming for Stripers" presented by Capt Joey Leggio at the NY Boat Show 2013

Check out Capt. Joey at the 2013 NYC Boat Show presenting his "Chumming for Stripers" seminar!

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