How to Tie Mono Leader to Braid - Albright Special Knot

The Albright Special knot is my knot of choice fo tying braid fishing line to mono leaders. The Albright is easy to tie, strong and very low profile and slides through the rod guides easily.

Other knots like the "Uni-to-Uni" knots also work well, but I find them a lttle tricker to tie, plust they are significantly more bulky and get hung up in the rod guides when I cast, causing backlashes in my braid.

If you want, you can also put a drop of glue such as "Zap-A-Gap" on the knot to make it more secure, but I have never found the need to do so.



#1 George kaiser 2016-06-03 11:46
I do very much the same with a knot I found a while ago, but it's called the NO NAME knot.
The main difference is I start to wrap from the loop down.
Never had a problem with it either

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